The theme of this annual report is ‘New Perspective’. Perspective concerns prospects for the future. The positive recommendation on the first COVID-19 vaccine, in late 2020, improved these prospects. We broke the news about the vaccine in our first official press conference, streamed live on our own YouTube channel, and also broadcast by several national media outlets.

At the MEB we were used to being active in the background, but the pandemic changed that: the MEB has never been more visible than in the past year. Website traffic grew to over 1.5 million unique website visitors. They mainly searched for information on COVID-19 and vaccines and medicines to treat it, influenza and the flu vaccine, and information on paracetamol and impurities in it.

'New' faces…

The MEB appeared on the radio, television and in newspapers over 1,500 times. With Chair of the Board, Ton de Boer, and also with several new faces. Various MEB staff members represented the MEB in the media over the past year based on their expertise.

…and ‘new’ forms

The MEB also made appearances through other less traditional forms of media. For example, our reach on social media increased to over 3.4 million views. We also used new forms of sharing information, such as the press conference and the Grootste Coronaspreekuur (‘Great COVID Consultation Hour’), in which both MEB and external experts answered viewers’ questions live on YouTube. More than 20,000 people watched and many asked questions online and during the broadcast.

All in all, this made the versatility of the MEB’s work more visible.

The year in overviewAn overview of the most important events in 2020.