2019 was a challenging year, but also a year to look back on positively.

Confidence and connectivity

We achieved nearly all our targets for the year. In addition, we were confronted with extra work and challenges, including notifications of shortages of medicinal products, Brexit, impurities in medicinal products and the ‘Responsible Switching’ project.

In addition, it was a special year for the MEB's Veterinary Medicinal Products Unit due to the implementation of the new European regulation for veterinary medicinal products.

As in 2018, the Medicines Evaluation Board agency (MEB Agency) placed a strong emphasis on cost control. We were able to conclude 2019 with a positive financial result due to higher revenues and lower costs, as will be shown in this annual report and in the financial statements.

In the review article ‘The MEB in 2019’ and in the news overview ‘The year in overview’ we provide more background information on the events in 2019, with as central theme: confidence and connectivity.

Confidence in medicinal products on the one hand and our connection with stakeholders on the other, in the Netherlands and in Europe!

Secretary/director Hugo Hurts and chair Ton de Boer